Features of the Answers Suite

A management consulting and information technology company, Ascellon Corporation maintains partnerships with Oracle, Cisco, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Microsoft. Ascellon Corporation leverages its resources to eliminate waste and fraud through its Answers Suite. The Answers Suite addresses the following areas:

Detection and Monitoring – With access to unlimited medical records and claims, users can examine datasets simultaneously and obtain industry standard procedures and diagnoses codes directly within the system. The suite works with any database and processing system, storing records for more than seven years.

Analysis and Reporting – Answers comes with a report wizard that compiles data into spreadsheets and PDFs, among other files. The system is interactive, giving users the option to data-mine and share information. Visual aids, such as graphs, can also be prepared within the suite.

Data Mining, Modeling, and Alerts – Administrators have control over program function and data access with role-based security and password encryption. In addition, the internal algorithm monitors activity to notify administrators of potential risks.


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